Questions about assessment?

Your key contacts for student assessment

Your Course Director: Do you have questions or issues with the content of your quiz or exam?
Have questions about your results?

For Introduction to Medicine, contact Eleanor Latta.

For Concepts, Patients and Communities, contact Lori Albert


Tamica Charles, Analyst: Having technical issues completing weekly feedback quizzes, or mastery exercises using SofTest?  Contact Tamica via e-mail.

Fraser Howard, Senior Analyst:  Having technical issues with MedSIS? Do you need to make an update to MedSIS? Contact Frazer via e-mail

Your Academy Scholar:  Want to discuss your Learner Chart or how you are progressing? Meetings have been set up for you in the Portfolio course to have regular contact with your assigned Academy Scholar.

Not sure who that is? You can find out who your Academy Scholar is in your Learner Chart.

Pauline Pan, Student Progress Coordinator:  Having technical issues with your learner chart?  Contact the Student Progress Coordinator via e-mail.


Dr. Glendon Tait, Director, Student Assessment:  Do you have overarching questions about student assessment or the learner chart? Contact Dr. Tait via e-mail.

Dr. Richard Pittini, Director, Evaluations:  Want to know more or have questions about the MD Program assessment approach?   Want to discuss course and program evaluation? Contact Dr. Pittini via e-mail.

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