Assessment in the Foundations Curriculum

The new Foundations Curriculum offers an integrated approach to student learning. We have been working to design a new comprehensive assessment system to ensure we are assessing students in a way that aligns with this approach, and with the best evidence.
Mar 23 / 2016

Virtual patient eModules to support flexible learning in the Foundations Curriculum and students across the province

“As adult learners, having the flexibility of multiple modalities and learning media is crucial,” says Samik Doshi, 1T8 student.
Mar 22 / 2016

EDITORIAL: U of T Medical Alumna on Teaching New Foundations Curriculum

The new Foundations curriculum puts less focus on traditional lectures and more focus on independent study and case-based learning in small groups. You might think this approach would be unstructured and a bit aimless, but I found it to be the opposite.
Mar 2 / 2016


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