The Learner Chart provides a complete and holistic view of each student’s progress

Jul 22, 2016

Learner Chart welcome page

The Learner Chart is a one-of-a-kind application that chronicles and guides students’ progress throughout the MD Program. Launched at the same time as the new Foundations Curriculum, the Learner Chart is designed to help students develop into the physicians and individuals they wish to be, and their future patients deserve.

“The name Learner Chart is an intentional play on the patient chart,” says Dr. Glendon Tait, Director of Foundations Student Assessment. Just as the patient chart provides a story and developmental history of a person over time, informed by results, observations, and the patient’s own view of his or her circumstances, over time, the Learner Chart will be populated with assessment information to provide a rich and holistic view of student progress. At the same time, it allows students to upload files – from documents to images – that tell their unique story of how they are demonstrating competency.

“The use of portfolios to track, reflect on and enhance a student’s performance is now pervasive across education, beginning in primary school,” continues Dr. Tait.  “The Learner Chart serves this function for our students.”

The Learner Chart contains all assessments for each student and can be viewed across a timeline and by CanMeds roles. This will promote individualized student learning and will help to better identify and support students in difficulty.

The Learner Chart will capture assessment data from all assessment activities including:

  • Written assignments
  • Performance based assessments
  • Evaluation forms
  • Assignments

In place of a few very high-stakes examinations, in the Foundations Curriculum students will have more frequent lower-stakes assessments that are tailored to the learning setting and the competency being assessed to ensure students are receiving quality feedback often.

Academy Scholars and other faculty members involved in supporting student progress with have access to the students’ Learner Charts. Academy Scholars will support students in reflecting on their assessment data, how their journey through medical school is progressing, and will encourage a focused dialogue on what learning strategies students may need to take to enhance their performance, with the ultimate goal of developing a personal learning plan for each student.

“Encouraging and supporting students to begin a path of life-long learning, the Learner Chart ensures students are reflecting on their progress in achieving the required competencies,” concludes Dr. Tait. 

The Learner Chart was developed for the MD Program by the Faculty of Medicine’s information technology support unit.  Over time, Learner Chart functionality will expand and evolve to further enhance students’ learning experience in the MD Program.

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